Best Places to hang a Hammock

Best Places to Hang a Hammock

Best Places to Hang a Hammock and Instructions on How to Hang it

A hammock is probably one of your wishes this holiday season and you are wondering where and how you are going to hang it perfectly. Below are great suggestions to help you decide on where and how you can use your hammock properly.

  1. The Classic

Everything has to start somewhere. There is still nothing better than the classic: between-the-trees hammock hang. It is always the best to be surrounded by cool trees. Whether you are down for your long study, up to read a new book, or simply taking a nap. A classic and convenient hang always promises availability in any setting. You just need two trees and hang your hammock using hammock straps or ropes properly on both trees for good support.

  1. One-tree Wonder

If you happen to find a wide-stretching tree that is enough to support your hammock by its branches, you are good to go. Here, you give the classic style a twist because you will only need one tree. Just do not forget that the standard ENO for this is 9 ft. long when hanging the hammock. Double check if the branches are sturdy enough to give support and they should be low to the ground.

  1. The Wrangler

Another best place to hang your hammock is between a tree and a jeep beside a stream or a lake. You just to need to pull up your jeep besides a tree, wrap the hammock straps around the top bars of your jeep securely to finally relax in your comfy hammock for a perfect moment.

  1. The Fancy Hang

Since hammock stands are becoming more popular these days, the fancy hang option can provide you the perfect places where you can hang your hammock. You can set it up inside your home, sun room, and backyard or down a river. You do not need trees all the time. You can use hammock stands and set up your hammock in these areas.

  1. The Jungle Gym

Perhaps you would not believe it but you have other places like parks where you can perfectly hang your hammock. You can even use monkey bars, the poles that hold up slides or beneath a giant dome. Such parks are a wonderland for hammocks. They are still fun no matter what your age is.

  1. Open Skies

A quiet night matched with stargazing is one of the perfect moment you can do with your hammock. Find a spot with open skies that is close to nature and the entire world. You can set up your hammock as free-standing, on trees, with posts or stands. Looking at an open sky full of stars is the best seat for you in your hammock.

  1. The Rainy Day Hang

Indoor hammocking is also one of the best ways you can enjoy your hammock. Just get a kit, put a couple of screws on your wall and you are all set. You can hammock any time you want and under any weather. It is exciting to hammock on top of mountains but you can actually do this in your own home.

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